#3 contains not filter seems not to work


I just downloaded the latest release 1.0.3.

The contains not filter seems not to work. Neither in combination nor as single filter entry. Example: "message" > "contains not" > "AssetTreeDataBean"


  • René Kießig

    René Kießig - 2012-11-01

    Just registered as user, if you have questions to the bug entry.

  • Philipp Nanz

    Philipp Nanz - 2012-11-01

    Hi there! Technically speaking, the problem here is that the 'contains'/'not contains' operator only matches complete terms as stored in the Lucene index. Because a standard Lucene analyzer is used to break the log message into these terms, qualified class names like com.foo.bar.AssetTreeDataBean end up in the index just like that. Thus a search for AssetTreeDataBean will yield no results.

    An easy work-around would be to edit the filter and include the fully qualified class name.
    Though, I agree that a better solution would be to also match terms partially, maybe by providing an additional operator, i.e. 'like'.

    I hope the work-around solves your problem for the moment and I will investigate how I can improve this behaviour for future versions.

  • René Kießig

    René Kießig - 2012-11-01

    Thank's for the fast answer! The workaround works fine for me.



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