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Locos for C# Released!

The Locos framework has been ported to the C#
language! Documentation has not yet been updated
but there are some examples in the release.
Check it out!

Posted by Chris Daly 2002-03-31

email outages (30Nov-03Dec)

Due to the AT&T@Home/Excite@Home dispute I lost
my email service for a few days right after the
last release. If you tried to email me you might
need to resend it. At this point
cdaly@users.sourceforge.net is working but any
mail to locosoft.org is not getting through....

Posted by Chris Daly 2001-12-04

Locos 0.10 Released!

A new release is available. Lots of work has been done
on the cathedral API to make it easier to use. Check out
the change summary and download!

Posted by Chris Daly 2001-11-30

Screenshots and new Docs

Some screenshots and a new intro manual for Locos have been posted to the locosoft.org home page. Take a look....

Posted by Chris Daly 2001-11-01

Locos 0.09 Released!

It's been exactly one year since the first release! This time we have updated documentation, lots of work in the bazaar and a prototype structured XML editor. Check it out!

Posted by Chris Daly 2001-11-01

Locos 0.08 released!

improvements are too numerous to enumerate....

Posted by Chris Daly 2001-08-15

Review: Building Parsers With Java

I recently discovered this fantastic book:

Building Parsers With Java
by Steven John Metsker
ISBN 0-201-71962-2

In the book, Metsker presents a parsing framework
that is similar to Locos in many ways. He uses
his framework to explain both the theoretical
concepts and practical details of building and
working with parsers.

I think Building Parsers With Java would be a
great book to read when learning about Locos.
To help bridge the gap I've taken two of
Metsker's examples ("minimath" and "arithmetic")
and transformed them into Locos examples. These
are available in the 0.07 release.

Posted by Chris Daly 2001-05-28

Locos 0.07 released!

Another Locos release! I've added some extension
features to the cathedral to make it easier to
manage Modules in the bazaar.

Posted by Chris Daly 2001-05-28

Locos 0.06 Released!

A new release of Locos is available. The
Cathedral has been redesigned to make it
easier to build and manage large systems.
A nice UML diagram of the Cathedral architecture
is available in the download along with a
"HelloWorld" example, but the rest of the
documentation has not been updated from
the 0.01 release yet.

Posted by Chris Daly 2001-05-17

Locos 0.01 released!

The first code release from the Locos project is now available for downloading from sourceforge. See http://www.locosoft.org for documentation.

Posted by Chris Daly 2000-10-31

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