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New Release 0.10 of LbServer and Release 2.1 of LoconetMonitor


the Loconet-over-TCP-Team is proud to announce the following
new Releases:

LbServer 0.9:

This is a new Release that includes some minor changes to options
and source code. The most important are: COM-Ports higher that 9
on Windows, option to disable flow control by CTS and some fixes
for compilation with gcc on newer Linux Versions.

Details from:

http://sourceforge.net/projects/loconetovertcp/files/LbServer/0.9/... read more

Posted by Martin Pischky 2013-07-25

LbServer Version 0.7

We have just released Version 0.7 of LbServer.
Please use and test this version and report any
errors found.

Version 0.7 is a beta release, it brings no new features, it just added support for the linux platform and support for other compilers on win32:

- New: Linux version by Ian Cunningham
- Bug fixed: memory of connection was modified after connection was closed and deleted
- First command line parameter may be string now
- Makefile for linux and minGW
- win32 executable now build with minGW... read more

Posted by Martin Pischky 2007-01-07

First Release of SlotMonitor


Posted by Thomas Wulkow 2002-12-28

LbServer can send now

LbServer 0.5 can send to the LocoNet now. Download from here:

The protocol on the TCP side is documented here:

The first client to use this will be LocoDispatcher.

Posted by Stefan Bormann 2002-09-07

LoconetOverTcp protocol documentation added

Please have a look at the documentation of the protocol at:

Posted by Stefan Bormann 2002-06-25

First releases of LbServer and LoconetMonitor

Please try out this software :-)

Posted by Stefan Bormann 2002-06-02