Edward - 2012-02-29

LockCD program disables CD-ROM's eject button. It runs in the system tray and identifies itself by a red icon, which drops a menu on the right mouse click or shows Main UI on the left click. LockCD can also be accessed from the Explorer Context Menu by right-clicking on the CD-ROM icon.

This application was written after giving up on finding a properly functioning software that would lock CD-ROM's eject button on my Lenovo T520 laptop, which i hit quite frequently. The main problem with the software available on the internet is that it doesn't retain the lock state after Sleep/Hibernation/Resume.

This application is based on .Net 4.0 framework, so make sure its runtime is installed on your PC.

Send your feedback to: lockcdfeedback@gmail.com

Current version of LockCD is 1.2

Last edit: Edward 2012-06-17