Dose not launch after reboot

  • steph31

    steph31 - 2013-02-20


    on Windows 7 32 bits, when I reboot my computer, calsync displays an error and stops.
    The problem is solved if I erase the CalSync.settings (stored in the same folder)

    What can I do to fix that ?

  • steph31

    steph31 - 2013-02-20

    Well, I have an explanation : it comes from "save password and automatically login".
    If i remove this option, the program starts

    I must pass a proxy and may login and password on the proxy are not saved in calsync.settings file. I think that the problem is due to this.
    So, I saw a <proxyAddress> parameter in the config this are there <proxyLogin> and <proxyPassword> or similar ?

  • Flex

    Flex - 2013-05-03

    I found that I was having the same issue. Only when I deleted the .settings file was I able to open the app.
    Once I entered all of my information in, I was able to exit and open again however its a PITA to enter all of my user information again and click auto sync.
    Windows 7 Enterprise SP1
    LN version 8.5

  • MKusk

    MKusk - 2013-12-18

    I am having the same issue with V1.8.0
    I am on Windows 7 64bit with Notes 8.5

    Just tried unchecking the save password box, so will see if that helps.


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