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llk_linux 2.3beta1 Released

fixed bug of 2.2, and now llk_linux work on 64bit CPUs.
Add diamond Theme.
The sound effect will not make the program pause when play long sounds.

Posted by Mingxian 2006-01-15

llk_linux 2.2 released

fix some bugs of 2.1.

Posted by Mingxian 2006-01-15

LianLianKan-linux V2.1 Released

LianLianKan-linux V2.1 Released

Posted by Mingxian 2005-10-01


Many useful fuctions are added
and,the picture is more beautiful thar early version.

Posted by Mingxian 2005-08-29

llk_linux V1.0 released

There are big changes compared to V0.3.
Change the fixed widget to drawingarea,and added linking animation, added cheat option,and fixed 3 bugs.
but, there is no sound and music yet.
anyway, may V1.0 be useful to you.
enjoy it!

Posted by Mingxian 2005-05-15

llk-linux V0.3 released

This is the first release in SourceForge.
the pre-version, V0.1 and V0.2 was released on
This V0.3 version fixed one bug of V0.2.
Welcome all LianLianKan fans to visit this site, and give me more support^_^
hope you enjoy it.

Posted by Mingxian 2005-04-28