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Quax 1.0-1 available

This release add full handbook and API documentation. The color tooltip automaticaly adjust its position to stay inside screen area. Other minor fixes: Help menu item open KDE Help Center instead of displaying manual page, menu names fixes, RPM spec files improved, and various source code cleanups.

Posted by Claudiu Costin 2003-11-21

Quax 0.9-1 new and available

There 's new app on Linux-KDE Romania
Project. Here's the blurb:

" Quax is a desktop zooming tool intended especially for web developers, but is very handy and friendly for newbies. There are few other tools for this task: XMag, KMag
and KZoom. All of them are full featured applications and take some time to figure how to use them. On the other side, Quax is very easy to use."

Posted by Claudiu Costin 2003-05-27

Linux KDE Romania was updated

This is first update after more than 1 year of
idle time. Hope to make it PHP aware and
sustain more projects

Posted by Claudiu Costin 2001-04-12