#76 lives "-Bsymbolic" is not supported on Mac OSX

Dustin Lang


This is on Mac OSX 10.5.

In the lives-plugins/weed-plugins directory, the Makefile contains:

shared_ldflags = -dynamiclib -Wl,-Bsymbolic -module -avoid-version --tag=disable-static

However, the Mac linker does not support '-Bsymbolic'. Removing that term allows lives to link.

I get the same problem in lives-plugins/weed-plugins/gdk/Makefile .


  • Salsaman

    Salsaman - 2009-01-05

    The -Bsymbolic flag has to be passed to the linker to ensure that all symbols are only resolved at runtime and not at link time.

    What flag in the Mac linker should be used to produce the same effect ?

  • Salsaman

    Salsaman - 2009-01-09

    OK. There is one sure way to test whether this is working or not.

    Edit the file libweed/weed.c, and make changes as follows:

    static int _weed_leaf_set(weed_plant_t plant, const char key, int seed_type, int num_elems, void *value) {
    // host version

    fprintf(stderr,"host set a value\n");

    return _weed_leaf_set_caller (plant,key,seed_type,num_elems,value,WEED_CALLER_HOST);

    static int _weed_leaf_set_plugin(weed_plant_t plant, const char key, int seed_type, int num_elems, void *value) {
    // plugin version - host should pass this to plugin in host_info

    fprintf(stderr,"plugin set a value\n");

    return _weed_leaf_set_caller (plant,key,seed_type,num_elems,value,WEED_CALLER_PLUGIN);

    Then recompile everything.

    When you run LiVES, if you see both messages "host set a value" and "plugin set a value" then all is OK. IF you only see the former message then more work will be required to fix this.


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