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Slow times.

Slow times here with the linwizard project.

Solar and Miknix have compiled a bunch of packages for the userspace, and we have some rudimentary GSM support in thanks to revertive. patoche, and the work done with the Typhoon at

We still don't have any new releases yet, and everyone is very busy with other obligations this summer. But linwizard is not forgotten.... read more

Posted by Zebediah C. McClure 2008-08-21

UltraFast Linwizard Mirror

Is now mirroring hourly and has an extremely fast connection.

Please use this url to clone, and limit use of polaris for up-to-the-minute updates.

Special thanks to solar and for helping us host this project!

Posted by Zebediah C. McClure 2008-05-04

Android First Full Boot

As I mentioned before c4software, patoche, and revertive have been working on android, and it boots!

It's still not usable, but as a proof of concept, it works. As driver support continues to improve, so will andriod's usability.

So, if you like driver work, or have always wanted to be a kernel dev but have been afraid to try, come visit on #linwizard

Here's a short video that patoche shot: read more

Posted by Zebediah C. McClure 2008-04-17

Mirror problems with 0.2.0 release.

If you're downloading the new 0.2.0 release, and tar says that the file is corrupt please check the md5sum. It should be:

c1d35164ab42b1049a0a4dd37cc7b1d5 linwizard-0.2.0.tar.bz2

We had a bad upload and some mirrors are still caching the old file. Hopefully the mirrors will catch up soon, if not please try a different mirror.


Posted by Zebediah C. McClure 2008-04-16

0.2.0 Release

Okay everyone, 0.2.0 release is out now. The new release has better keybaord support, is based on the latest and greatest kernel tree from Linus, and there are a few little changes that were causing confusion with filenames and configuration.

We still don't have much in the way of userspace, but hopefully this will smooth things out for people and avoid some confusion.

Special thanks to miknix for his excellent work on the keyboard support and all the people that frequent #linwizard that have been testing, patching, and discussing linwizard.... read more

Posted by Zebediah C. McClure 2008-04-16

Repository News

miknix and I have redone the repos. There was a lot of useless code and confusing branches.

New branches are:
KEYPAD - Keymap and related work, as well as gpio work for joypad and buttons.

USB - Work getting usb working 100% reliably across as many devices as we can test.

compat - This is what was the "vanilla" branch. As of now it's the most compatible recent branch across different omap850 based configurations.... read more

Posted by Zebediah C. McClure 2008-04-10

Merge with mainline

Thanks to everyone's continued effort, our development has been able to sync up to mainline. It's still experimental, but it is booting with full keymap support and some people report with USB as well.

This means that we are up to date with Linus's branch and that future changes to the kernel should be easier to integrate.

Grabbing a linwizard branch and running "git pull linus master" and getting "Merge made by recursive" is just awesome. Thanks to everyone who's helped out so far. None of this could be possible without everyone's support.... read more

Posted by Zebediah C. McClure 2008-04-10

"vanilla" Branch booting.

The vanilla branch was an attempt to take all Wizard and omap850 specific code, and put it where it belonged in the kernel tree. This includes "real" OMAP850 processor support in the kernel instead of special cases in the 730 code. This makes it much easier to keep in sync with other developers/code branches.

The vanilla branch was created by canned-spaghetti and myself a while ago, but due to some oversights and clock related problems it never booted on the wizard. Until now.... read more

Posted by Zebediah C. McClure 2008-04-05

New git repository online

Sorry for the inconveniences with, I know it's been down for some time now.

I haven't had time to do many updates lately but there is a new repo online to replace walrus.

Is now the "official" repo. Hopefully it's going to be faster and more stable than walrus was, and hopefully less dropped packets/crazy routing for some people.... read more

Posted by Zebediah C. McClure 2008-02-25

Continued work.

More people are joining the team and IRC is becoming more active.

We're currently focusing on merging our current tree with upstream Linux development. The going is slow but there is progress. Right now we're merged up with 2.6.18-omap1. USB is broken at the moment. I imagine there will be another release as soon as we have USB working with the new stack.

Posted by Zebediah C. McClure 2008-01-04

'Tis the Season

'Tis the season to be jolly, and also for kernel work. Miknix and I have been working on the source tree and have base integration with the mvista tree (read: it compiles and runs). Latest is in the wizard-stable branch of walrus's git repo.


Hopefully we'll be 100% synced up tomorrow, but for now there's a new kernel with a few omap fixes in to play with. No new features right now, but with a little time off for the holidays hopefully they will be forthcoming.... read more

Posted by Zebediah C. McClure 2007-12-27

Miknix releases new system base 0.1.0

Miknix has been hard at work with the base system. There is a new initrd and kernel to play with in the downloads.
Major features of this release:
- Added twm (wm), xclock and xterm.
- startx now works.
- Dropbear ssh server.

Sorry news updates are a little behind folks, development has been nearly stopped, but we expect it to pick up over the holidays.

As always we can use help, please sign up to the mailing lists, and special thanks to miknix for his hard work on this release.

Posted by Zebediah C. McClure 2007-12-21

Linwizard Update

We're still here, and things are moving along. More news should be forthcoming.

Posted by Zebediah C. McClure 2007-08-11

The Wizards return

Welcome to the Linwizard Project Homepage´ Thanks to the Staff for activating our account within only one business day. So whats happening next? As for the moment I'm the only developer associated to this Project on But to port a whole Operating System to an embedded device like the HTC Wizard you acutally need more than one developer.

If you have advanced linux knowledge and/or are experienced with embedded Processors from ARM or Texas Instruments (OMAP850) and would like to help porting the Linux Kernel, various drivers and (if possible) the whole GPE/OPIE Framework, then don't hesitate to contact me via Once you are associated to this Project you will have access to our CVS Repository to start working.

Posted by Sebastian Mauer 2006-08-05

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