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2010-12-27: wgClibs-3.0 has been released

After a long long time I have completed the new release of my C libraries. I have rewritten many modules. This release will allows me to write the new wlxdb release. Do not you think computer developing is like a huge Pandora's box??

Unfortunately, I have had no enough time to look for language errors in the man-pages, I am sorry for every language error you will find.

Silvano Catinella

Posted by Silvano Catinella 2010-12-27

2009-04-28: WPkg is back

This is the first release using wlxdb XML database.
I have not yet updated the manpages, but the biggest part of changes are internal ones only, and the command syntax has not changed.

Posted by Silvano Catinella 2009-04-28

2009-04-13: WLXDB new release (0.0.28) is available

This version has been strongly tested.
In the next releases
- the manpages will be updated
- the Perl binding will be added
- the extensions will advise wlxdbd when they finished
- the source code will be analyzed with mpatrol

Posted by Silvano Catinella 2009-04-13

2009-03-12: WLXDB new release (0.0.25) is available

Many fixes and new features for this release.

Posted by Silvano Catinella 2009-03-12

2008-12-21: WLXDB new release (0.0.24) is available

This version uses a new internal data representation. It is faster and secure then the older version.

Posted by Silvano Catinella 2008-12-21

2008-05-22: (0.0.13) WLXDB new release is available

In this release many bugs have been fixed, and the password security level has been added.

The next releases will be focused on communication library.

Posted by Silvano Catinella 2008-05-22

WLXDB - The first release is available to download.

In this version everyone can kill the daemon and write and read every database. In the next version I will add the security support.

Posted by Silvano Catinella 2008-05-10

2008-04-22 - WLXDB

The Warlock Light XML Db (WLXDB) RC1 release will be available soon. As the name says it is an XML database. It is written in C++ and C, and not all features have been developped. But you should find the files to allow you to use it with Tcl/Tk and Perl.

It will need to be tested, and I will be happy to read every comment and suggestion.

Thank you

Silvano Catinella

Posted by Silvano Catinella 2008-04-22

2007-07-18: the branch 3 is under developing for wpkg

Because someone told me Tcl could be too much weight, and Bash too, then I will port wpkg in C. It will be wpkg-3.x.x

Posted by Silvano Catinella 2007-07-18

2007-07-18: wpkg-1.3 is available

This version is completely developed in Bash. It uses wdb_engine for xml parsing and its features can be extended by wpkg-extensions-1.3.x w-package. [!] Just the install option has been developed.

Posted by Silvano Catinella 2007-07-18

2007-02-09: wpkg-2.3 is available

The new WPkg version is released. In order to improve the process speed, and to leave free the wpkg-extensions to modify the installing information database, this new branch is based on a C compiled xml engine. The 2.1 branch will be no more developped.

Posted by Silvano Catinella 2007-02-09

2006-11-12: new branch is under developing for wpkg

The WPkg process is driven by a simple and easy readable text file with tags. But in order to allow extensions to dinamically write new information in the file, its structure has became inadequate.

For this reason a new branch (2.3) is being developped. The old packages will be no more compatible with the new branch WPkg version.

The old branch remains available, as the new one will be based on a full xml file; and recoursive functions will implement searching, indexing, reading and writing functions.... read more

Posted by Silvano Catinella 2006-11-12

2006-09-22: new architecture for wpkg (2.1.459-458)

In order to give more flessibility to the install procedure, wpkg has enhanced to a framework structure. File-tests and file-settings are now external and dynamically loaded modules.

Posted by Silvano Catinella 2006-09-22

2006-09-18: CVS to SVN migration

The LinuxWoodo project will be available no more available by CVS. It has been migrated to SVN system.

Posted by Silvano Catinella 2006-09-18

2006-09-09: wpkg Tcl version (2.1.19) is ready

The first stable and complete tcl-version of "wpkg installer" is available to be downloaded. The software release is 2.1.19-18.

This software has been tested with all LinuxWoodo packages. But it needs to be tested in stronger way.

Thanks to everybody wants try this software and report new bugs.


Silvano Catinella <>

Posted by Silvano Catinella 2006-09-09

2006-08-19: wpkg Tcl version

The wpkg software manager has been ported in Tcl language. The Bash version will be supported, but all the new features will be developed on the Tcl version, only.
At the moment, the new version is available on CVS, only.

Posted by Silvano Catinella 2006-08-20