How to get quota working : 5 of 6 easy steps

  • dana lacoste

    dana lacoste - 2002-08-22

    I'm following

    1 - Patch kernel
    Hmmm.... the ftp site doesn't work now, and when it did,
    it didn't have patches for 2.4.19, which is what I'm using.

    2.4.19 has CONFIG_QUOTA though so I'll use that.

    2 - Get Quota-tools
    quota tools 3.06 downloads and installs fine!  woo-hoo!
    (Except the /sbin directory is hard-coded.  tsk, tsk.  had to
    edit the Makefile :)

    3 - Modify init scripts
    OK, found mount -a command in rc.sysinit, moved a couple of
    lines down, pasted code from docs.  quoatcheck -avug and quotaon -avug.  done

    4 - reboot for changes to take effect
    OK, though it didn't work :)

    5 - use edquota to edit the quota
    doesn't work :(

    I think something's missing here, because quotacheck -avug says:

    # quotacheck -avug
    Cannot get exact used space... Results might be inaccurate.
    quotacheck: Cannot get quotafile name for /dev/sdb1

    and quotaon -avug :
    # quotaon -avug
    quotaon: Cannot find quota file on /data2 [/dev/sdb1] to turn quotas on/off.

    strace shows that they're looking for files in the partition, but
    those files don't exist.  They definitely don't exist, but I have
    no idea where they're supposed to come from.  I'm sure that
    I'm missing something simple, but I can't figure it out :(

    Dana Lacoste
    Ottawa, Canada

    • Jan Kara

      Jan Kara - 2002-09-04

      The site was not working due to floods... Now it works and also contains patches against 2.4.19. Your problems are caused by a bug in quotacheck (in 3.06 you have to use -c option to create new files). In new release this should be fixed. Thanks for report. Honza


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