Philipp H. Poll

We develop 2 artful digital font-families called “Linux Libertine” (serif font) and “Biolinum” (sans-serif). Both elegant good-readable Unicode fonts for daily & professional use (see OpenType & WOFF). Break the monotony of (c) W*ndows Fonts!

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Specimen with Linux Libertine and Biolinum

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  • Anonymous - 2013-07-24

    hello linuxlibertine, thanks so much about soft

  • softfree

    softfree - 2013-07-26

    hello linuxlibertine, thanks about soft...

  • M X

    M X - 2014-09-28


    I compose an entire Latin-French dictionary (by Félix Gaffiot) with your
    beautiful font Linux Libertine, that I use in roman, bold und italic faces.

    I have found in your font allmost all the characters I needed for my

    Nevertheless, it seems to me that several ligatures were worthy to make
    ; I mean the letter f with the breve and long latin voyels : f + ă, f +
    ā, f + ĭ, f + ī, f + ĕ, f + ē, f + ō, f + ŏ ; may be the issue is not
    evident for f+ ŭ and f + ū. The case f + ȳ does not exist to my
    knowledge in latin.

    I joined to my message some examples drawn from the Gaffiot dictionary I am composing.

    The so called common voyels with a long AND breve (the latter over the former) upon them do not exist in Unicode I think but would be interesting for latinists in Linux Libertine.

    Unfortunately, I don't understand how to feed the Request features in
    the SourceForge files. Could you kindly transmit these suggestions to
    the staff, please ?

    Sincerely yours,



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