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Linux VR updated to 2.4.0-test7

The 2.4.0-test7 kernel source import is finished,
should actually be working now, too.

Posted by Michael Klar 2000-09-18

Linux VR Updated to 2.4.0-test1

I've brought the Linux VR CVS up to 2.4.0-test1.

Posted by Bradley D. LaRonde 2000-06-19

2.3.99-pre3 Status Update

2.3.99-pre3 is up and running pretty smoothly. The merge is basically finished. Serial and romfs are working. A few bugs have been fixed. I have a little more code to merge into serial, but it only affects the power management parts. I am planning to branch arch/mips/ to be Linux VR specific soon.

Posted by Bradley D. LaRonde 2000-04-16

Linux VR updated to 2.3.99-pre3

I've brought the Linux VR CVS up to 2.3.99-pre3. Looks good for the most part, except arch/mips/vr41xx/serial.c has been seriously wounded (mortally I think) and won't even compile, and I didn't merge in SGI's latest changes to arch/mips/ (but it seems to work fine as-is).

Posted by Bradley D. LaRonde 2000-04-13

CVS Update Mailing List Created

A mailing list has been set up to automatically notify users of commits to the Linux VR CVS repository. To subscribe to this list, go here:

At some point in the future, the log information should be better formatted. For now, it's just passing along the CVS log as is.

Posted by Michael Klar 2000-03-12

Ramdisk / Initrd Repaired

Ramdisk and initrd have been in various stages of disrepair since we started this latest round of kernel updates, but the saga really goes all the way back to the dawn of this project. Mike Galbraith has now come up with what looks like the "official" fix, and Mike Klar just put it into our CVS tonight. Works fine for me so far.

Posted by Bradley D. LaRonde 2000-03-02

Improved PCMCIA Support

PCMCIA support isn't in CVS yes, but try the latest PCMCIA patch by Yoichi Yuasa at:

Enhancements: Supports card insert/removal. Supports more cards than ATA/NE2000.

Posted by Bradley D. LaRonde 2000-03-01

CVS Updated to Linux 2.3.47

This is the second sync in the past couple of weeks. Still working on problems with ramdisk/initrd.

Posted by Bradley D. LaRonde 2000-03-01