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#18 Writing data to DVD-R?


Hello Ben,

I have a project where I am trying to write data from a unix file system to DVD-R (as a backup or
archive), and I would like to use the udf format on DVD-R media. I can write the data with the
9660 format now, but that is stretching the bounds of the ISO format and udf has some big
advantages. I have been part of a thread on this topic in the DVD-DATA list, and one of the
members mentioned your tools. He uses them for DVD-RAM, and likes them quite a bit. We took
look at your docs and the sources, and didn't find a direct reference to DVD-R. I know that this is
somewhat of a different format (streaming rather than a block write) than what it looks like you
doing with the udf tools now, but I think I see some hints in the code and the docs that imply that
there was some thought of adding something for DVD-R.

I don't have linux driver support for the DVD-R combo drive that I have, so I have to create an
image on the linux/solaris machines and then use some Windows software to write the raw
filesystem to the disk. It works. It also gives me a workaround that I might be able to use with
UDF. Is it currently possible with your tools to write a file that contains the UDF file system?
That seems to be a hidden feature in several of the other file system creation tools as a
debugging option. Have you thought about supporting DVD-R drives?

Thanks in advance,
Alan Pence
Systems Administrator
Santa Barbara, CA


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    Dear Alan,

    if you don't mind sacrifying a whole DVD-R for a backup, an image can prolly be made also with these tools and then written to the DVD-R.

    A sure way of doing this but bypassing the UDF for linux tools is using cdrecord's `mkisofs -J -R -udf disc.iso <files>' and then write the image to the DVD-R with either `dd' or with the modified cdrecord. AFAIK this image can then be mounted read-only on linux.

    An other option is to use `growisofs' that also uses `mkisofs' to create a multi-session disc; i am not sure the current linux UDF support code can mount these though.

    With regards,
    Reinoud Zandijk
    (author of udfclient and NetBSD's UDF support)

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    With other, words it is (currently) not possible to use mkudffs on a DVD-R?

    My burning device obviously does not support burning DVD-RAM (cat /proc/sys/dev/cdrom gives back "Can write DVD-RAM: 0")
    Trying to mkudffs --udfrev=0x0150 --lvid=backup --vid=backup --media-type=dvd /dev/pktcdvd/0
    gives back "trying to change type of multiple extents".
    I was tempted to try it anyway for two reasons:
    - First the man page of mkudffs says that there is a media type called dvd, which in my opinion could be both dvd-r and dvd-rw. If this is not the case it would be nice if the information on the man page could be clarified.
    - Second, I'm using debian and the udftools package comes with a file called README.Debian.gz and it says:

    "Packet writing is possible both with write-once media
    (CD-R, DVD+R, DVD-R) and rewritable media (CD-RW, DVD+RW,
    DVD-RW). Obviously, with write-once media the free space on the
    filesystem will not increase if you delete files"

    So i thought it would be possible to do that. If not, please tell me I would ask the package maintainer to clarify this in the readme then.




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