#2 mkudffs: add option to specify uid/gid, new default 0 -> -1


Options for specifying uid and gid of the root and
lost+found directories made with mkudffs are added.

The default for both changes from 0 to -1. This is
better since:
- 0 is bad because only root can change things on the new
filesystem and an user usually does not have root.
- -1 will cause Linux to actually use the uid and gid
of mount, ideally given as uid=useruid,gid=usergid which
treats these ids as the uis od the mounting user.

If the change of the default is questionable, I would
suggest to
change it at least from 0 to the behaviour of --uid
(without argument), which actually creates the
filesystem with the ids of the creating user. Note that
this would have a big drawback if one thinks of having
different uids on different systems, but wanting to use
a (e.g.) dvd-ram on both systems without making it rw
to the world.

Frank Loeffler


  • Frank Löffler

    Frank Löffler - 2005-07-18

    patch for current cvs version of udftools (2005/07/18)

  • Frank Löffler

    Frank Löffler - 2005-07-18
    • summary: add option to specify uid and gid, change default 0 -> -1 --> mkudffs: add option to specify uid/gid, new default 0 -> -1

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