#62 How do use UDF?


We are very enthusiastic about UDF and we're going to
make it as a replacement of FAT and ISO9660. However, I
cannot find good documentation and examples regarding
the usage of mkudffs.

This is our question.

1. Do we need to create a partition just for the UDF or
we can just point it to the block device directly (i.e
/dev/sda, not /dev/sda1)

2. If we need to create a partition, what id will it
be? FAT32, ext2/3 or EMPTY?

3. How do we get started creating and using UDF?


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    Do you really think this is the right place for such a question?
    There are plenty of HOW-TOs out there, just use your favorite WWW search engine...

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    To 1.:
    (I am not qualified!)

    If I am right: You must create a partition only on standard Block-Devices!

    On optical media You could write UDF directly to the device. Partition not needed!

    That is not tested. Just what I think! (As nobody qualified did answer!!)

    PS.: Is this a dead project? Sad!


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