#51 Problem using UDF formatted discs under Windows


I'm having a problem using mkudffs formatted discs
under Windows XP. The discs format fine, and subsequent
to changing the permissions of the top level directory
to drwxwrxwrx I can write sucessfully under Linux.
However, Windows XP wont let me write with 'Access
Denied' errors.

Discs formatted under Windows have the user and group
set to 4294967295, trying to chown . to this under
Linux silently fails, leaving it set at 0:0. 4294967294
works, but then Windows denies access again.




  • Torsten Henschel

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    I have the same problem and another problem.

    If I format a DVD-RAM with UDF 1.5 under Win2k and copy data
    to this DVD, Linux 2.6.x can read this data. After write
    process under Linux, Win2k cannot read this DVD-RAM. Win2k
    says that this DVD is not formated or corrupt. This problem
    is only under Windows and the DVD-RAM works fine under Linux.


  • Enrique Gallego L�pez

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    If I format a DVD-RAM with UDF 1.5 under Linux and copy data
    to this DVD, Linux 2.6.x can read this data but XP cannot
    read this DVD-RAM correctly. Single lost+found appears the
    folder. The other files and direcctorios are not seen, nor
    read. If in XP I write a file with the same name that I did
    it in linux although it is not seen says that it exists.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    I have had a similar problem.

    I'm a complete novice with linux, and have a three way setup with udf(2.0) dvds.
    XT pc, Ubuntu PC and Panasonic dvd video recorder.

    XT and dvd video udf disks are interchangeable with no problems.
    A (preformatted at purchace) udf disk written to in XP will be accepted and written to in the dvd video recorder.
    A (preformatted at purchace) udf disk written to by the dvd video recorder will be read ok and written to in XP.
    The same goes for disks formatted to UDF20 in the dvd video recorder and XP (using udf tools).

    However .. once linux gets involved by writing to the udf formatted disk, the disk is no longer readable in neither XP nor the dvd video recorder. As far as linux is concerned, everthing is ok. As far as everything else is concerned, linux has messed up the structure.

    Any chance this can be resolved? .. or should udf disks be regarded as read only for linux?


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