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Zydas 1201 driver merged into official 2.6 linux kernel tree

The Zydas 1201 Wireless USb Adapter Linux Driver is pleased to announce that it has been included into the official linux kernel source tree.

You can find this driver in kernels 2.6.12 and newer under the Device Drivers/USB Support/USB Network Adapters/USB ZD1201 section

Further maintenance of this driver will be done under the kernel source tree, but the needed firmwares will be available from this site download section by now.

Posted by Andres Ederra 2006-03-08

zd1201 Version 0.14

We are pleased to announce that 0.14 version of zd1201(zydas 1201 usb based cards) linux driver is ready and published.

Mayor changes:

Firmware and driver have been splitted in two different packages

Added support for MSI UB11B adapter

As always thaxs goes to Jeroen Vreeken as he is doing the development works

Posted by Andres Ederra 2005-02-01

zd1201 Version 0.13

Jeroen works non-stop to bring us a updated version of zd1201 driver that includes:

- New firware provided and authorized by zydas that enables the adapter to act as a AP (you can choose for this firmware by using 'modprobe zd1201 ap=1')

- Fixed a memory leak

- Monitor mode update: turning monitor mode off should work better.

Posted by Andres Ederra 2004-11-17

zd1201 Version 0.12

Thanxs to Jeroen Vreeken we are proud to anounce zd1201 driver 0.12 is ready.

Posted by Andres Ederra 2004-11-15

Experimental 0.3 version

I'm proud to anounce that 0.3 experimental version of the driver is out thanx to the hard work of Jeroen Vreeken and Dennis Bijwaard . thanx both :-)
This versions have mayor changes, we have merged with the latest linux-wlan-ng driver (0.2.1pre21) gaining linux 2.6 support and more :-)
Consider this release a preview for the final 0.3 version.

Posted by Andres Ederra 2004-06-13

Version 0.2 with adhoc support

Thanxs to Wim Valcke contribution we have an updated Zydas 1201 driver.
The most important feature introduced is a working ahdoc mode.

Thanx Wim

Enjoy it

Posted by Andres Ederra 2004-01-20

Version 0.1 released

Version 0.1 has been released.
This version now identifies the Peabird USB wireless Adapter.

Posted by Andres Ederra 2003-11-22

First Release

The project is up and we have the first working release.
Support for up to kernel 2.4.22.
Only working in infraestructure mode, not at adhoc.

Posted by Andres Ederra 2003-11-09