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lin-seti 0.5.3

- Fixed a problem that made lin-seti crash when starting
as daemon on system power up...
- script has been updated.
- Added detection of AMD Athlon64 processors.

Posted by Noberasco Michele 2005-01-11

lin-seti 0.8.2

Only bug fixes:
- Craigs Medley <> fixed
a bug that prevented lin-seti to work correctly with
user home installations... Bug also reported by
Frank Bax <>
- Craigs Medley <>
updated the script to its
latest revision, added configuration options
for it into the lin-setirc file.

Posted by Noberasco Michele 2004-07-28

lin-seti 0.8.1

A few bug fixes in here,
as well as various enhancements...

Posted by Noberasco Michele 2004-06-26

lin-seti 0.8.0

grab it shile it is hot!

Posted by Noberasco Michele 2004-03-18

lin-seti 0.7.6

- updated redhat script
(script provided by Jing Tuo <>)
- added debian init script
(script and debian info by Matthias Grimm)
- removed ALL memory leaks

Posted by Noberasco Michele 2003-09-05

lin-seti 0.7.5

lin-seti 0.7.4 introduced a nasty bug that made lin-seti
segfault under certain circumstances. So I released bugfix release 0.7.5.
Sorry folks, it was my fault. Credits for finding the bug go to
Jay Zach <>.

Posted by Noberasco Michele 2003-07-11

lin-seti 0.7.4

- Fixed a bug that made lin-seti segfault because of
missing checks when reading files from disk, thanks
to Jing Tuo <>
- Fixed a bug in cache enlargement: directories created
had wrong permissions, thus preventing non-root
users that installed lin-seti to access them, thanks to
Matt Barras <>

Posted by Noberasco Michele 2003-07-09

lin-seti 0.7.3

Bugfix (and feature) release.
Hopefully this version fixes all crashes and segfaults.

Posted by Noberasco Michele 2003-04-10

lin-seti 0.7.2

This release fixes a bug introduced in version 0.7.1 that prevented it from funning on Sparc (and maybe other) machines. lin-seti is a command-line program allowing to mantain a cache of work units for the Seti@Home client. Written in C, it should run on most unix-like systems, including linux. It is designed to be cache-compatible with 'Seti Driver' for Windows.

Posted by Noberasco Michele 2003-04-02

lin-seti 0.7.1

performance release, rewrote many internal functions in order to improve speed and reduce overhead.

Posted by Noberasco Michele 2003-04-01

lin-seti 0.7.0

This version sports major changes in the cache management system in order to achieve 100% compatibility with SETI Driver.

I also tweaked the Makefile to make it aware of Gentoo Linux CFLAGS.

Note: SETI Driver must be version or higher for this to work. Previous versions were not aware of other cache managers.

Posted by Noberasco Michele 2003-03-27

lin-seti 0.6.1 is out!

This includes only minor tweaks in Makefile to add support for the Gento Linux ebuild system

Posted by Noberasco Michele 2003-03-19

lin-seti 0.6.0

This is a bugfix release...
Also adds support for Makefile, with automatic detection of CPU for compilation optimizations and different install for root/normal users.

Posted by Noberasco Michele 2003-03-19

lin-seti 0.5.1 is out!

This is the first public release of lin-seti

Posted by Noberasco Michele 2002-10-11

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