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Use the Wiki

There is a Wiki which is taking over for most of the documentation/website needs:

Posted by William J. 2004-08-30

lilyCore 2.6.4 released

This version was never officially released. Look for 2.6.5 shortly to include this and some very recent features/fixes by Christian.

Posted by William J. 2002-08-09

Daisy Project

A set of class libraries are being built to facilitate communication with the lilyCore server. These libraries abstract away some of the nastier elements by handling such processes as login.
Daisy ( )

Posted by Christian Ratliff 2001-07-10

lilyCore 2.6.2 released

The production release of lilyCore 2.6 is now available from SourceForge, and from If there are any major problems a 2.6.3 release will be produced, otherwise expect to see a major new release (2.7) in early February.

Thanks very much to Garance, Coke, and Albert for all their help with this release!

Posted by Christian Ratliff 2000-12-31

lilyCore 2.6.1 and transfer 2.6.5 released

These releases fix three problems in the transfer code, and remove some debugging output from notify_list(). Please update to this release and try a site $TRANSFER with it. We anticipate a 2.6.2 release in the coming week or so, get your comments in.

Posted by Christian Ratliff 2000-12-21

lilyCore 2.6 Released

The newest Core release is now available for use. Please attempt a transfer of your users, and let us know how it goes. Until the files appear on SourceForge you can get them from


Posted by Christian Ratliff 2000-12-16

Updated Comment Style

The comment styleguide has been updated to include support for parameter lists. Please take a look at the document and send any suggestions to Christian <>

Posted by Christian Ratliff 2000-12-15