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LibVNCServer version 0.9.9 released

Hello World,
The LibVNCServer team is happy to announce that 0.9.9 just made it out the door. Yo can grab
the source tarball at

This release boasts a load of bugfixes and new features, in short these are

- Overall changes:
* Added noVNC HTML5 VNC viewer ( connect possibility
to our http server. Pure JavaScript, no Java plugin required anymore! (But a
recent browser...)
* Added a GTK+ VNC viewer example.... read more

Posted by Christian Beier 2012-05-04

LibVNCServer released!

This is a maintenance release that fixes a regression in libvncclient that crept in with Apple Remote Desktop support added with 0.9.8. Viewers that were not adapted to the new functionality would fail connecting to ARD servers before.

Posted by Christian Beier 2011-11-09

LibVNCServer released!

This is a maintenance release that fixes an ABI compatibility issue introduced with 0.9.8.

Posted by Christian Beier 2011-10-12

Release of LibVNCServer 0.9.8

LibVNCServer version 0.9.8 has been released today!
You can get it over on

To keep the story short, this is what's new:

- Overall changes:
* Automagically generated API documentation using doxygen.
* Added support for pkg-config.
* Fixed Mingw32 cross compilation.
* Fixed CMake build system.... read more

Posted by Christian Beier 2011-03-30

New website!

LibVNCServer/LibVNCClient have a new website: same place
(, new content. Most notable novelty is
the API documentation using doxygen (Which can still be improved btw,
so patches documenting functions and data structures are most welcome!).

Posted by Christian Beier 2010-11-30

LibVNCClient prospering: ZRLE decoding implemented

LibVNCClient is becoming a very useful library to implement vnc clients. Last enhancements include a from-scratch implementation of ZRLE decoding and thread-safety (you can safely work several clients at the same time).

Posted by Johannes Schindelin 2005-05-25

x11vnc 0.6.1 released

The first official version of x11vnc was launched! It has come a long way since being just one of the examples of LibVNCServer... A fully fledged, tweakable high-performance VNC server for existing X11 sessions, it is not only faster and more compact than x0rfbserver, but it is also written in portable C, avoiding C++.

Posted by Johannes Schindelin 2004-06-07

Beta released

LibVNCServer now understands all encodings provided by Tight VNC, implements cursors and a small HTTP server. It should be useable now.

Posted by Johannes Schindelin 2001-09-27