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Libvisual 0.4.0

Heya, finally after a year of hacking, rewriting, refactoring and plain coding. Libvisual 0.4.0

This release isn't directly ready for end users, however after clients catch up with the new API it'll become more usable.

More important libvisual 0.4.0 gives us something we can keep building upon, we promise you all a lot of new eye candy the upcoming half year.

Posted by Dennis Smit 2006-03-20

New website and wiki

The rumor has that libvisual it's website has been updated!

Also, we now host a wiki:

Posted by Dennis Smit 2006-02-10

libvisual 0.2.0 released!


libvisual 0.2.0 has been released, for more information
take a look at our webpage: for
more details.


Posted by Dennis Smit 2005-02-09

Many releases today!


Today we've released, just a lot.

libvisual-0.1.7: The core library.
libvisual-plugins-0.1.7: The standard plugins.
libvisual-gforce-0.1.1: The GForce visual plugin, it's pretty!
libvisual-nebulus-0.1.4: The nebulus visual plugin.
libvisual-xmms-0.1.7: The xmms plugin, many crashes fixed!

And a new package as well:
libvisual-bmp-0.1.0: A working libvisual visualisation plugin for the Beep Media Player!... read more

Posted by Dennis Smit 2004-10-14

libvisual-gforce-0.1.0 released!!!

Finally, we bring the famous G-Force from windows and
apple world to libvisual! Checkout libvisual-gforce and be astonished by it's huge variety!

Posted by Dennis Smit 2004-09-20

Remove old plugins when upgrading to 0.1.6

I've been writing this everywhere, but people still seem to overlook. I can't stress this anough. Remove the old plugins before installing libvisual 0.1.6. Libvisual plugins are located in "%prefix/lib/libvisual/" that is often "/usr/lib/libvisual/" or "/usr/local/lib/libvisual/". Simply remove this directory and reinstall everything from scratch. First compile libvisual-0.1.6, than libvisual-plugins-0.1.6 and after that the libvisual-xmms-0.1.6 package.... read more

Posted by Dennis Smit 2004-09-10

Libvisual-0.1.6 released!

After a serious while of work, we present you
a new release of libvisual!!!

Check the individual file releases for more
information about changes and such!

It's very important that you remove the old
plugins before installing libvisual. This
can be done by removing %prefix/lib/libvisual/*
(where prefix is /usr or /usr/local or wherever
you installed libvisual).

Also note that in order to render any visuals
you also need to download libvisual-plugins
and you probably want libvisual-xmms for
the xmms support as well!... read more

Posted by Dennis Smit 2004-09-10

libvisual-0.1.5 released!

We've done a new libvisual release!!

Most important in this release is that the package
screw up is fixed. The buildtrees have been ported
to automake-1.8 and many cleanups have
gone in.

Thanks to our new developer Duilio for most
of this work!!!

Posted by Dennis Smit 2004-06-29

1.4 release is broken.

I've put a bit too much thrust in my auto* skills
and make dist, we will do another release soon.

Sorry for the inconvience.

Posted by Dennis Smit 2004-06-19

Libvisual-0.1.4 released

Libvisual-0.1.4 is released together
with libvisual-plugins libvisual-xmms
and libvisual-nebulus.

Some work has gone into portability
but most noticeable are the API docs
that can be generated using doxygen.

Posted by Dennis Smit 2004-06-17

Public releases!


I've made the first public release for:

Thanks everyone who is involved!

Posted by Dennis Smit 2004-05-27

Sourceforge project created

Yay, the sourceforge project site has been
created thus we can now start working
towards an release!

Posted by Dennis Smit 2004-04-10

Sourceforge project created

Yay, the sourceforge project site has been
created thus we can now start working
towards an release!

Posted by Dennis Smit 2004-04-10