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libverticale-0.3: Work-in-progress!

Several things have changed since libverticale-xhtml-0.2...

XML Schema support it NOT out. [infosets requires valid xml, thus libverticale requires validation, whether with XML-Schema or RNG...]

Second, I'm thinking of the gallery as a semantic web service, bundled with rich semantics. It would *ideally* allow peoples to present their contents (art exhibits, etc) in a semanticish way.

For example, the [built on top of SOAPpy] sends SOAP messages to the user app, and presents infosets in terms of a RDF syntax, representing the semantics of the exposition.

Posted by Etienne Robillard 2005-08-06

libverticale-xhtml-0.1 public release

The libverticale team is proud to announce the
first public release of libverticale-xhtml!

Libverticale is a newly designed XML framework (a lot of XSL stylesheets)
for modeling a (semantic) web art gallery.

For more details, please visit

Posted by Etienne Robillard 2005-06-17