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Version 1.25 released

libtnc Version 1.25 has been released. From the ChangeLog:

- new feature from IF-TNCCS 1.2: Added support for TNCS to send
its IP address information to TNCC. Patch provided by Vitali Voroth.
- fix regarding the use of libtnc_tncs_InitializeStd()
Even if there is a comment in test_tnccs.c saying that
"Production code should use libtnc_tncs_Initialize",
It should work with libtnc_tncs_InitializeStd() also. Patch provided by Vitali Voroth.

Posted by Mike McCauley 2011-02-08

1.24 Released

libtnc version 1.24 has been release.

The only change was to fix a base64 problem when using libtnc 1.23 as TNC client with TNC@FHH as TNC server. The base64 encoding function is broken when when padding is '=='. This causes invalid base64 output.

Posted by Mike McCauley 2010-03-19

1.23 released

Fixed memory leaks in libtnc_tncc_Terminate and
libtnc_tncs_Terminate, reported by Ingo Bente.

Posted by Mike McCauley 2010-01-29

Version 1.21 released

2009-08-12 1.21
- Improvements to building options. All libraries now build as shared LT
libraries, resulting in .a and .so files.
This ensures successful building and testing on x64. Reported by
Ingo Bente.
- Applied a number of patches for problem identified during the
2009 TNC plugfest. Patch supplied by Mike Steinmetz. Thanks!

Previous ChangeLog entries:
2009-03-18 1.20
- OSC-IMV can now handle embedded \r characters, such as in DOS
text files even on Unix.
- Fixed a crash in OSC-IMV connSetClientData when a connection was
- Fixed some memory leaks in OSC-IMV.... read more

Posted by Mike McCauley 2009-08-12

Version 1.16 released

2007-05-06 1.16
- Added new optional functions libtnc_tncc_BindFunction and
libtnc_tncs_BindFunction, which are optional applicaiotn level
functions that will be called if the IMC asks to bind a function
that TNC_TNCC_BindFunction or TNC_TNCS_BindFunction has not heard
of. Default implementations supplied which do nothing, but can be
overridden by the calling application if necessary. Requested by
Chris Hessing.

Posted by Mike McCauley 2007-05-06

Version 1.15 released

- new TNCC and TNCS functions libtnc_tncc_InitializeStd and
libtnc_tncs_InitializeStd so it loads the config from the 'standard places'
(/etc/tnc_config on Windows and the registry on Windows). Production code
should use libtnc_tncc_InitializeStd. The previous version that specifies a
filename is libtnc_tncc_InitializeFromFile and libtnc_tncs_InitializeFromFile
and should only be used for testing where a specific config filename has to be
forced.... read more

Posted by Mike McCauley 2007-05-05

Version 1.14 released

Accidentally omitted some windows mutex code. Added to mutex.c

Posted by Mike McCauley 2007-05-03

Version 1.13 released added to the distribution.

Added thread safety: Added mutexes to protect globals in libtncimc and libtncimv. Requires pthreads on Unix. Uses mutex objects on Windows.

Posted by Mike McCauley 2007-05-03

Version 1.11 released

Added ability to build native DLLs on Windows with Visual C++ Express
Edition, many patches provided by Chris Hessing. See new file for instructions. Visual Studio files are all in vs2005 directory.

Posted by Mike McCauley 2007-04-16

Version 1.10 released

Added internal debugging messages. Enable with
configure --enable-libtncdebug
Interoperation testing against TNC@FHH, see
sample TNC@FHH modules load and run OK inside libtnc.
Altered libtncxml_add_tnccs_recommendation so that
is reported as TNCCS-Recommendation type 'none'.
Use latest version of tncifimc.h and tncifimv.h headers from TCG
with their BSD style license (fixed some minor syntax errors in
the header files as supplied by TCG).
Added suport for TNC_TNCS_SetAttribute and TNC_TNCS_GetAttribute,
plus default implementations in case the TNCS does not implement.
Added support for Preferred Language, Reason String and Reason
Language in IMC, IMV and TNCCS.
Support for Febriary 2007 specification versions: IF-IMC 1.2, IF-IMV 1.2, IF-TNCCS 1.1

Posted by Mike McCauley 2007-02-13

Version 1.9 released

2006-08-31 1.9
Now builds on Mac OS X
Adjusted test suite test_dynamic.c so that multiple loads of
the same dynamic library are avoided since OS X doesnt like that.
Tested on:
Mac OS X 10.3 on PowerPC G3

Posted by Mike McCauley 2006-09-09

Version 1.8 released

Now builds under Cygwin on Windows, producing Windows DLLs.
Improvements to -ldl linking on various platforms
Fixed a problem with undefined libtncxml_add_tncss_error
on Solaris.
Tested on:
SuSE 10.0 intel
Solaris 8 SPARC
Windows XP intel + Cygwin
Solaris 10 intel
Free BSD 3.4 intel
Fedora Core 4 intel
Red Hat 7 intel

Posted by Mike McCauley 2006-09-07

Version 1.7 released

Version 1.7 adds support for the newly published IF-TNCCS interface, which uses XML to encapsulate IF-IMC and IF-IMV batches. Requires libxml2.

Posted by Mike McCauley 2006-06-12

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