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The Sandbox Libraries / News: Recent posts

Release of libsandbox 0.3.5-3

Dear colleagues,

We are pleased to announce the latest maintenance release of the sandbox libraries (libasndbox & pysandbox).

The 0.3.5-3 release of libsandbox comes with several improvements and fixes. We improved error differentiation in memory dump so that user-defined policies can fail gracefully when trying to inspect bad addresses for syscall arguments. The termination of tasks invoking restricted functions has been strengthened to avoid failures due-to unexpected overrun. We also resolved a defect in the profiling process, which may cause incomplete statistics for very short tasks. Special thanks to EzDiary <ezdiary <span="">[at]> for reporting this third issue.... read more

Posted by liuyu 2013-05-10

Release of libsandbox-0.3.5-2

Dear colleagues,

We are proud to announce the latest 0.3.5-2 release of the sandbox libraries (libasndbox & pysandbox).

The 0.3.5-2 release addresses our continued effort to improve the quality of libsandbox. We refactored concurrency control in the core library. The primary data structure is now protected with read-write lock instead of bare mutex. Internally, a new trace pool is introduced to coordinate the profiling of sandbox instances. And the number of per-sandbox monitor threads has thus been reduced. The build scripts of both libsandbox and pysandbox have been improved for consistency.... read more

Posted by liuyu 2013-04-01

Release of libsandbox 0.3.4-1

Dear colleagues,

We are happy to announce the latest feature upgrades of the sandbox libraries.

The 0.3.4-1 release of the sandbox libraries comes with three-fold improvements. First, the core library provides a new development header named sandbox-dev.h with macros and routines for accessing sandbox internals. Extensions to the core library such as high-level language wrappers are encouraged to use routines in sandbox-dev.h rather than directly manipulating C structures from sandbox.h. Second, the default profiling frequency of the core library has been optimized according to an extensive empirical study. The new parameter achieves better balance between performance and timing accuracy. Third, the Pythonic wrapper (aka. pysandbox) passed tests in all of Python 2.6, 2.7 and 3.2, and is now py3k compatible. ... read more

Posted by liuyu 2012-06-09

Source code release of new libsandbox (0.3.x)

We are pleased to announce the source code release of the new 0.3.x branch of sandbox libraries.

During the eight weeks of community review, we have made a number of improvements and fixes to the core library, the Pythonic binding, as well as the sample script of the libraries. Some noteworthy improvements since the initial release include 1) system call mode detection, 2) signal source detection, 3) chroot jail permission check, and a number of auxiliary improvement to the debugging macros.... read more

Posted by liuyu 2012-01-13