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Migrated repository to SVN

The libptp2 repository has been migrated to Subversion.

Posted by Mariusz Woloszyn 2011-03-26

Version 1.1.10 is out!

this version fixes signed/unsigned conversion bug; thx to Hiroshi Kuno for pointing it out!
Please upgrade!

Posted by Mariusz Woloszyn 2007-08-27

Version 1.1.9 is out

This release has no new major features but there is a number of small fixes and improvements that has been in CVS for such a long time so I decided to release it.

Posted by Mariusz Woloszyn 2007-08-07

libptp2-1.1.0 released!

This is the new release with myusb reimplementation of old libusb interface (IOCTL_USB_BULK) instead of new URB interface, which is 20% to 50% slower and sometime leads to IO errors.
It has been heavily tested with NIKON and Canon cameras also!
The new features include: better capture support, loop capture mode and image creation time preservation across download.
Moreover this release contains many fixes and amall improvements.
Enjoy! :)

Posted by Mariusz Woloszyn 2005-09-09

libptp2 1.0.2 released!!!

New features:
- added --get-all-files operation
- added support for overwriting and preserving files with existing names
- added more NIKON and CANON properties
- improved build system
- fixed a CANON and Linux 2.6 kernel problem (big thanks come to DervishD <bugs[A@T]> for helping to identify the problem and performing lot of tests)

Posted by Mariusz Woloszyn 2005-03-01

libptp2 1.0.1 released!!!

This new release intoduces new ptpcam capabilities: listing operations supported, listing files, downloading files and displaying camera info!
Also added NIKON extension code and clear halt fixup by Corey Manders and incorporated Canon specific PTP extension code by Nikolai Kopanygin!

Posted by Mariusz Woloszyn 2004-07-28

libptp2-1.0pre7 relased!

The new pre release fo libptp2 is out!
This new veersion contains a Canon specific PTP extension code by Nikolai Kopanygin!

Posted by Mariusz Woloszyn 2003-12-18

libptp2-1.0pre6 released!

This is a bugfix release. A bug that caused regular properties names to not be displayed at some condition has been fixed.
Enjoy! :)

Posted by Mariusz Woloszyn 2003-08-28

libptp2-1.0pre5 released!

We're getting closer to final 1.0 libptp2 release!
I hope this is the last pre release at all ;)

Posted by Mariusz Woloszyn 2003-07-18

libptp2-1.0pre4 released!

This release contains support for some CANON proprietary properties and unknown properties displaying.
A couple of minor bugs fixed. Improved build system.

Posted by Mariusz Woloszyn 2003-06-09

libptp2 1.0pre3 released!!!

Another one 1.0 pre-release.
It contains a lot better README, improved build system and the usuall stuff ;)
It supprts building without libusb.

Posted by Mariusz Woloszyn 2003-05-23

libptp2-1.0pre2 released!

This pre release has a better build system, a couple of minor bugfixes and a lot better (yet still not perfect) README file.

Posted by Mariusz Woloszyn 2003-05-15

libptp2 1.0pre1 released!!!

Finaly the stand alone version of libptp2 was released.
This version includes the libptp2 library and the test program called ptpcam.

Posted by Mariusz Woloszyn 2003-05-14

ptp2 released!

The new version of ptp gphoto2 driver was released.
Please visit to obtain gphoto2 and libgphpto2 (which contains the current ptp2 code)!

Posted by Mariusz Woloszyn 2003-05-06

libptp merged with gphoto2

libptp library developement has been moved to gphoto2 source tree. vide
Once it's released in major version it will be separated from gphoto2 driver code and distributed here as source code.

Posted by Mariusz Woloszyn 2002-01-08

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