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libposix: CMake, printf, updates and current work

Now libposix officially uses CMake for our build system, which should to simplify cross platform support and assure easy maintenance. Support for testing with CTest is also included and testing with "make test" is a default step in building libposix.

libposix has adopted a mixed development model based on Test Driven Development. Instead of using unit tests for test cases, we'll use existing applications (that are expected to have moderate to high compatibility with POSIX). After adding functionality specific to the application, unit tests will be used to make the implementation more complete and conforming. We're currently implementing some essential functionality for this to work. In particular, a nearly complete printf parser has been added to the repository, and the actual output conversions are being developed. printf can already understand non-trivial format strings, like "e %-2ld f %0#'133.45Lg g %.hhX i\n".... read more

Posted by Henrique Dante de Almeida 2009-07-04

libposix ported to FreeBSD

Following the announcement that libposix was ported to x86_64 linux, I have just ported it to x86 FreeBSD, which completes the initial set of ports and will allow us to define more formally how our build system will behave (and later, allow cross building too). We still need to clean up the hello world code a little bit, but we can move to larger applications now. The unit test framework is also under way.

Posted by Henrique Dante de Almeida 2009-06-07

libposix is now multiplatform

"Hello World" now runs on either linux x86 or linux x86_64, what makes libposix multiplatform. :-)

Posted by Henrique Dante de Almeida 2009-06-05

Initial commit to libposix repository - "Hello world" !

There has been lots of requests for the release of source code for libposix. While the project still has a lot of other important things to deal with, I've uploaded an initial implementaion that is capable to run a "hello world". It has took me quite a while to decide the amount of the standard that would be included in this version. The problem is that even a small application, like Hello World invokes large parts of the standard (like stdio, thread safety, terminal and runtime support). So, in the end I've settled with the minimal version, which implements exactly the features required for outputting "Hello world" (don't complain about it, you're the one urging for the code release ;-)). The code currently runs in Ubuntu 9.04, but it should run on any modern linux distribution. Please test and report bugs.

Posted by Henrique Dante de Almeida 2009-05-31

Project home page is up !

I've put a preliminary webpage for the project. We're looking for a webdesigner !

Posted by Henrique Dante de Almeida 2009-05-23

Project successfully started.

libposix is a bold attempt to unify the impementation of the core functionality of all Unix systems. libposix is a full, cross platform, implementation of the POSIX 2008 standard written from scratch.

Posted by Henrique Dante de Almeida 2009-05-08