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Visual Basic

As many people asked me about VB, I tried it out with Excel 97 and VBA. I had to recompile libnodave.dll with the __stdcall directive. You can find a precompiled .dll, .lib and VBA examples in the "patches" section.

Posted by Thomas Hergenhahn 2005-07-29


Since version 0.5, libnodave can also be used with win32. The DLL and tesat programs have been compiled succesfully using the free commandline tools from Borland.

Posted by Thomas Hergenhahn 2004-12-27

Error in nodaveCommon.c

in nodaveCommon.c, function daveExecReadRequest, line 591 the declaration uc * q is placed after the first statement. While my copy of gcc didnt complain, users reported this problem. Please change lines 590 and 591.

Posted by Thomas Hergenhahn 2004-11-27


CVS now has a new Version to connect to an S7 via IBH-Link MPI/Ethernet Gateway.
If don't know what this is, see:

Posted by Thomas Hergenhahn 2003-08-02

MPI-Adapter MPI adapter 6ES7 972-0CA11-0XAC.

Libnodave has been found to work with MPI adapter 6ES7 972-0CA11-0XAC also. Users are are kindly asked to report results with other types.

Posted by Thomas Hergenhahn 2003-06-26


libnodave has been tested with an S7-400.
A difference was found in the response in step 10 of PLCconnect. The next version will deal with both. Until then, you can use this patch for S7-400:

uc t7[]={
0x01,0xE0, //480

Posted by Thomas Hergenhahn 2003-06-26

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