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Code cleanup CVS move

Work has started on code cleanup and moving the project from cvs to svn.

Still trying to contact someone at Sony about information to make the tools work. Maybe i will try to get the reddit and digg communities to get the word out.

Posted by Edward Mann 2007-12-05

From the slumber

This project has not moved in years. The block is because we cannot create the command set to get MD Devices to record. I am working on finding someone on the inside of Sony that will assist us, or tell me to go away forever. If you are someone from Sony reading this please contact me at ed(dot)mann(AT) edmann(dot)com. I had started this project in 2003 with the goal that we would be able to get this to work. I still would like to see that happen.

Posted by Edward Mann 2007-11-20

libnetmd lives!

This is the new home for the libnetmd program. This program is for all the Sony Net mini-disc player owners who have wanted to use it under their Linux or Mac machines

Posted by Edward Mann 2003-09-12