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#2 Exceptions to recurring events


Often there are exceptions to regularly scheduled events (ie, this week we'll meet at 7 rather than 6). A feature like this for mcal would me mucho helpful, I don't think it handles this right now, does it? One way to do this would be similar to how palm organizers seem to handle them. When a change is made to a recurring event (or it is deleted) you are asked whether this applies to the current event, or all events. It seems that if you say current event it detaches it from the recurring event completly, as if you make a change to all events later it does not affect this event. One way to implement this would be to have an 'exceptions list' with recurring events, days to not recurr on, and add a new one time only event with the changed information. Coding this so that searches are still quick might be difficult, but it's an idea worth working on I think.


  • Robert Allen

    Robert Allen - 1999-12-17
    • priority: 5 --> 3
    • assigned_to: nobody --> markie
    • status: Error - status not found --> open
  • Robert Allen

    Robert Allen - 2000-02-04
    • assigned_to: markie --> inan

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