trying to make as_int() return long long

  • Ralf Schallenberg


    I'm trying to compile libjson with this option:

    #define JSON_INT_TYPE long long

    I'm using Visual Studio 2010 Express and get error c1017 in this line:

    #if (JSON_INT_TYPE == long long) && defined(JSON_ISO_STRICT)

    in file JSONDefs.h

    Of course I do not have JSON_ISO_STRICT defined.
    When I remove that check and just let the compiler define json_int_t as long long:

    typedef JSON_INT_TYPE json_int_t;

    I get more errors, because in JSONNode.h as_int is declared like this:

    long as_int(void) const json_nothrow json_read_priority;

    Having replaced that with

    json_int_t as_int(void) const json_nothrow json_read_priority;

    I can finally compile the library.

    Can I expect this to work correctly now with numbers bigger than what long can store?
    I'm going to test this now…


  • Jonathan Wallace

    I see, that was an oversight, the JSONNode declaration should match the implementation, which uses json_int_t.  I will fix it and release a new version shortly.

    What error did VC++ give you for #if (JSON_INT_TYPE == long long) && defined(JSON_ISO_STRICT)?  That's perfectly valid C++ code.

  • Jonathan Wallace

    Hmm, I was unaware of that limitation in the preprocessor, I will make that a g++ only error.


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