Failure to Login

  • chuwy

    chuwy - 2009-11-24

    Hi. I cannot login via libgmail. It say: *Login failed. (Login failed. (Wrong username/password?))* But of course they're correct. Google tell about some similar occurence, but no solution.
    P.S. Python 2.6

  • capoeira_pdb

    capoeira_pdb - 2009-11-28

    I have the same problem, I try to login with my correct email and password but it returns "Login failed. (Login failed. (Wrong username/password?)".

    I don't Know what the problem is, I wanna use this library to take statistics from my gmail account and I thinks it's great. I hope someone can help me.

    I also have Python 2.6 on Linux.


  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2009-11-28

    I get the same error.  I am running Python 2.5 on BackTrack 4 LInux.

  • chuwy

    chuwy - 2009-11-28

    It seems that recently, Google changes something in gmail authorization .

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2009-11-30

    But what - we don't know?

  • Hermann

    Hermann - 2010-02-24

    Use the CVS version, not the files available to download.


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