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GFLib closing it's doors

The Graphics Framework has succeeded in what it set out to be. But it's time has come to an end.

The Graphics Framework and the P51 Project are now encompassed into The Delta3D Open Source Game and Simulation Engine (

The GFLib Forums, Lists, CVS, and File Releases will not be maintained from this point on.

Thanks for the support!
-Cowboy Coder

Posted by Erik Johnson 2004-08-24

GFLib - Next Generation

Since its conception, the Graphics Framework Library has proved to be a valuable asset for both the developers and the applications they wrote. The lessons learned from developing the GFLib have been priceless.

At this point, were halting development on GFLib. Instead, were focusing all our attention to the next generation of an Open Source Simulation Engine, codename: P-51.

P-51 will encompass all the goals and features originally set out for GFLib, but in a completely Open Source manner. P-51 will be based on great projects such as Open Scene Graph, Open Dynamics Engine, and the Character Animation Library.... read more

Posted by Erik Johnson 2003-08-14

GFLib External Dependencies update

The external dependencies have been re-arranged once again. Hopefully this will make it easier to get up and running.

For now, all 3rd party stuff that GF depends on is captured in a File Release. This File Release can be downloaded and un-zipped into the gfLib directory. All GF projects and example applications are setup to point to this directory for header and library files.

So what does this mean to existing developers? You should check out a clean copy of GF and the Dependecies file. Then make sure that your IDE doesn't reference any local 3rd party directories on your machine (unless you want to override the files that GF is setup to use).... read more

Posted by Erik Johnson 2003-03-15

GFLib Dependencies

There is now a File Release that contains all the external stuff that GF depends on. Also included in the File Release are some developer tools that could come in handy.

This file release will be considered the "supported" set of versions that GF works with. It will be updated as new versions are available.


Posted by Erik Johnson 2002-11-26

gfLib - Cleaning house in CVS

In the continuing effort to keep GF lean and mean, a bunch of files have been removed from GF's CVS.

The gfXML project and files have been removed from CVS. All new applications should now be using the gfXMLIO project instead.

The data files for the example projects have been removed from CVS and are now packaged separately. See the File Release section for the latest data files.


Posted by Erik Johnson 2002-11-23

GFLib API Change

The gfEnvironment has undergone some changes. Classes that are affected are gfEnvironment, gfScene, gfObserver, gfLight.

See the Developer's Rambings for more info:

-Cowboy Coder

Posted by Erik Johnson 2002-11-07

New gfFx library

Just checked in the brand new gfFx library. This library contains wrappers around the Particle System API written by David McAllister.

There is a quick and dirty sample project that builds an Effect from scratch in the Examples directory. Its pretty rudimentary, but shows the process.

The gfFx.lib file doesn't have any external dependicies so all you need to do is link with the gffx.lib or gffxD.lib. Its easier to build the effect using the GUI as you can change the parameters on the fly and see the effect change dynamically.... read more

Posted by Erik Johnson 2002-09-24

GFLib - Upgraded Libraries

Just upgraded the Gizmo libraries to beta 18. The last version just expired.

Posted by Erik Johnson 2002-05-28

GF User Guide (Draft) Online

Just posted a Quick & Dirty(tm) User Guide( for your enjoyment. This is a seriously rough version and will be augmented as time goes on.

Of interest is the gfNetwork section - as I know some of you will be using this soon... ;)

-Cowboy Coder

Posted by Erik Johnson 2002-05-16

GFLib Avatar(CAL3D) Module

The gfAvatar(CAL3D) project has been checked in. This project is the avatar animation module replacing the BDI version we used before.

This new version is built upon the CAL3D package ( and requires no 3rd party licenses.

The gfAvatar library requires to have the CAL3D package already installed with the proper paths setup.

A human-based motion model has been added to the core gf.lib which is generic enough to be used stand-alone, or in conjunction with an avatar object.... read more

Posted by Erik Johnson 2002-05-10

GFLib - new libraries

I just uploaded the new Gizmo headers and libraries. This should bring us up to version 1.1 beta 16.

Next time you Update, make sure your output says Beta 16.

Posted by Erik Johnson 2002-04-24

gfAvatar(BDI) Removed from GF

The BDI version of the gfAvatar library has been removed from the GF workspace. The source files have been removed from CVS (they're still in the CVS attic if needed).

JDReece is taking over control of the BDI version of the library and will be using it in his application (does it have a name?? ).

This move will allow room for the non-commercial version of the gfAvatar library.

Posted by Erik Johnson 2002-04-16

GFLib 3rd party libraries updated

The next version of Gizmo(beta15) has been checked in. Also, the sg.lib from PLIB is now a release version; not debug.

Posted by Erik Johnson 2002-04-16

GFLib API Doc Posted

The Doxygen generated API reference is now posted. It is accessible from the Documents page at

I intend to refresh the API document whenever the code changes radically.

Posted by Erik Johnson 2002-04-10

GFLib Developer's Guide

Just put up a Quick & Dirty(tm) web page for GF Lib. In the Document section is a first hack at an attempt to document this beast. Feedback is most welcome.

Posted by Erik Johnson 2002-04-08

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