#15 Fixed examples and added a new one.


grab_color_image was broken and could not actually grab
an image and just froze. Both grab_color_image and
grab_gray_image had issues where they would grab the
image before the camera was ready. The end result was
a junk image was output. I added a fix for this issue.

I added grab_color_image2 which shows how to collect
more information about the various modes the camera
supports, and how to convert one image type to another.

Updated Makefile.am to support grab_color_image2

All of the code has been tested with a Fire-I camera
from uniBrain.

I would be sure to double check my fix for the grab too
early issue, there might be a better way. I wrote
these examples to learn how to use libdc1394...

- Peter Abeles


  • Peter

    Peter - 2005-12-17

    the modified files

  • Damien Douxchamps

    • assigned_to: nobody --> ddouxchamps
    • status: open --> closed-accepted
  • Damien Douxchamps

    Logged In: YES

    Merged, thanks.


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