Proxies in LibCurl for .NET?

  • LDawggie

    LDawggie - 2006-08-26

    Hi There!

    I'm at work and I can't seem to get Proxies to work with my CURL project.

    It works fine without proxies, but I always get the error code, (6). Host name not resolved.

    Does anyone have any thoughts? Please let me know!


  • RIchard Hafner

    RIchard Hafner - 2009-11-23

    I have a similar issue in my project. I attempt to access a proxy with NTLM authentication via LibCurlNet. It works as expected when attempting the same thing curl.exe.

    One interesting thing is that in verbose mode, I Irecognized that the "proxy user" is reported as an empty string. when integrating the user into the proxy url itself (user:pass@host:port). but then i just get diffrerent erors.

    I am glad to hear that I am not the only one havong that problem. There is no fix until three years for this?

    Greetings - Richie


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