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Release 3.4.0

This release breaks backward compatability due to the filename case-sensitivity of cygwin environment. The library has been built and verified on cygwin, FreeBSD-5.4, and Linux i32/i64/PPC platforms.
Various function names and member names of GenServer class have been changed and normalized.

Posted by Vladislav Grinchenko 2005-10-23

Release 3.3.0

This release brings lots of small cosmetic changes along with ports to Solaris-8/9, FreeBSD-5.3, and Linux/gcc-3.4.2.

Posted by Vladislav Grinchenko 2005-03-22

Release 3.1.0

This release adds Programmer's Manual, examples directory with 'helloworld' and 'logserver'. Aside from minor bug/interface fixes, a major modification has been made internally to support remote logging.

Posted by Vladislav Grinchenko 2003-07-25

Release 3.0

Library is now in its own namespace ASSA. Minor bug fixes. An initial step has been made to provide support for Sun Solaris CC 5.0 compiler .

Posted by Vladislav Grinchenko 2003-02-11

Version 2.0 release

This release compiles with g++ 3.x. It also adds a comprehensive "on-click" test suite.

Posted by Vladislav Grinchenko 2002-11-04