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Obviously, no 'version 2' release has ever happened. The code exists, but it's been more of an incubator than anything else. Part of 'version 3' will be released this week in alpha, and expanded on afterwards. This will include some C code, the type-id facility, and a significantly revised version of the subject-observer/server-client pointer classes. SDL will be used to eventually provide a threading-compatible version of the library.

Posted by Jared Maddox 2011-05-03

Support change

Replaced phpBB with mailing list.

Posted by Jared Maddox 2011-01-20

auto_array and array_client

array_client in the server_client pointers package, and auto_array, array_initializer, and fixed_array in the utility_code package have been fixed, and passed all of their tests.

Posted by Jared Maddox 2010-05-19

Peer pointers pass tests.

The Peer Pointer portion of the Server Client Pointer suite now passes all of it's behavior tests. In response, I've upgraded it's status from Alpha to Beta.

Note: In the current configuration, Array Pointers are disabled. They'll be the next target.

Posted by Jared Maddox 2010-02-14

Meaningful Improvements

A number of bugs have been found and fixed, and the behavior-testing program now runs until completion without any infinite loops.

Posted by Jared Maddox 2010-01-04

Fix one thing, break another.

A bug causing a particular test to always fail has been fixed, but another has popped up in it's place, which actually causes a crash. After this bug has been fixed, another release will be made.

Posted by Jared Maddox 2009-12-15

Smart pointer stabilization

Work is currently being completed to stabilize the smart pointer suite in preparation for the release of LibAndria 0. After the smart pointers have been stabilized, work will begin on the utility suite.

Posted by Jared Maddox 2009-12-12

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