Configuring Bluetooth PAN

Brian Bagnall
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Pairing (from the PC)

Before you can use Bluetooth with your EV3, you must pair it with another device. This gives both devices permission to communicate with each other. To connect to a PAN, we must first pair the EV3 with your PC.
1. From the EV3 menu, make sure Bluetooth is visible by going to the Bluetooth menu, then Visibility (the eye).
2. In Windows, go to Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Bluetooth Devices you should see a list of devices with some options at the top:
Bluetooth Devices
3. ​Click the Add Wireless Device button. It will search and eventually the EV3 should come up. Click that and then click Next. The next screen should look like this:
Selecting the pairing method
4. Click on the middle option, and then enter 1234 as the PIN (unless you changed the default PIN in the EV3 menu).
You only need to do this procedure once. The two devices are now paired for all time, unless you remove the device from either Windows or the EV3 menu.
Note: You can also initiate the Bluetooth pairing from the EV3 brick menu under Bluetooth.

Connecting to a PAN

A Bluetooth personal area network (PAN) is similar to a wireless access network (WAN), including the use of an IP address. Connecting to a PAN automatically creates a TCP/IP connection between your computer and the EV3 brick. Once connected to the PAN, you can upload files and Java programs to the brick, as well as control the brick using classes.

Windows Vista/Windows 7:
1. Open Network Connections by clicking the Start button, clicking Control Panel, clicking Network and Internet, clicking Network and Sharing Center. Then click "Manage network connections" on the left side (Vista) or "Change adapter settings" (Windows 7).
2. You should see "Bluetooth Network Connection" with a red X. Click this icon once to highlight it.
3. On the toolbar, click View Bluetooth network devices.
4. After a moment, one or more access points should show up. One of them should say "EV3 Network Access Point BlueZ PAN Service". Click this once to highlight it and then click Connect.

Now that you are connected, you can access the EV3 using the IP address You can also upload files through the Eclipse plugin using Bluetooth (the uploader will detect Bluetooth automatically).


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