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LeechCraft 0.4.95 is released!

LeechCraft milestone 0.4.95 is released.

This is the last milestone containing new features before the 0.5.0 release. Further milestones (0.4.96-0.4.99) would bring only bugfixes, if any.

So, this milestone includes the following improvements since 0.4.90, among others:

* Added support for XEP-0055: Jabber Search in Azoth Xoox, our XMPP protocol implementation
* Reworked Poshuku OnlineBookmarks, our plugin for social bookmarking services. Currently supported services are Read It Later and Del.icio.us.
* Implemented Off-The-Record messaging system in Azoth, our IM client.
* Aggregator, our RSS feed reader, now queues updates of feeds instead of updating them all at once: no more lags on update!
* AdvancedNotifications now supports enabling/disabling rules and single shot rules.
* Poshuku, our web browser, now supports enabling WebGL for corresponding QtWebKit versions. And it really works!
* Poshuku migrated to QGraphicsView-based web view.
* Azoth and Azoth Xoox now support inviting to MUCs.
* Azoth now supports some operations via drag-n-drop, like moving contacts between groups, sending files to contacts and uniting contacts into metacontacts.
* Added the "Group send" feature to Azoth.
* Poshuku now displays links on hover in a nice box on the viewport instead of status bar.
* Added context menu for nicknames in MUCs in Azoth.
* Azoth Acetamide, our IRC protocol implementation, now supports SSL connections.
* Optimized timers in LeechCraft, so that it, for example, on a test machine it causes CPU wake ups 13-17 times per second instead of 50-60.... read more

Posted by Georg Rudoy 2011-11-29

LeechCraft 0.3.0 released

LeechCraft is a full-featured cross-platform modular "Internet client" application written in C++, Qt and Boost. LeechCraft currently includes plugins for a web browser, news feed reader, BitTorrent client, FTP client, a simple media player and much more.

Plugins are easily added with no effort, and they can reuse and further intergrate with each other via the LeechCraft core. So, you can use rich broadcatching abilities, for example, or enjoy podcasts — all this inside LeechCraft.... read more

Posted by Georg Rudoy 2009-08-19

LeechCraft 0.2.1 released

LeechCraft is a cross-platform extensible download manager. Currently it offers full-featured BitTorrent client, feed reader, HTTP/FTP plugin, Remote access and much more. It also aims to be resource-efficient working quite well on even old computers.

This release is primarily a bugfix one, and it is released quite soon because of critical bug in BitTorrent settings parser leading to crashes.

So here's the changelog:
+ Aggregator: FS#83: Tag completer.
+ Aggregator: FS#87: Case sensitive searches.
+ Aggregator: New icons!
* Aggregator: Let the default feed be program's blog.
* Batcher: Correspond to recent and not recent changes.
+ BitTorrent: FS#81: Keep history of all downloads.
+ BitTorrent: FS#87: Case sensitive searches.
+ BitTorrent: FS#92: Change trackers URLs.
+ BitTorrent: Set actions enabled.
* BitTorrent: FS#88: Fixed empty context menu in torrent files list.
* BitTorrent: FS#90: Fixed slow file priority updates.
* BitTorrent: FS#84: Too slow pieces widget update. Thanks for code goes to Alexander Potashev aka asp.
* BitTorrent: Fixed a bug leading to crash if entered announce IP is wrong.
* BitTorrent: Let's save the overridden trackers.... read more

Posted by Georg Rudoy 2008-04-05

LeechCraft 0.2.0 released

A lot of work is done this month. I'd like to introduce the new Aggregator plugin, which key difference is tagging system instead of folders and powerful search mechanisms.

A lot of work is done in BitTorrent and HTTP/FTP. Too much to write it all here.

From this release there would be no patches as nobody uses them.

Changelog would say everything for me. Here it is:
https://sourceforge.net/project/shownotes.php?release_id=588036&group_id=161819... read more

Posted by Georg Rudoy 2008-03-29

LeechCraft Public build 8 released

Okay than, I'd like to present the last release from Public Build series before the release of first beta version - version 0.2.0.

HTTP plugin was rewritten using true MVC model. Now there are even more bugs because I forgot to rewrite parts of plugin here or there, but because the internal logic is much clearer now it'd be easier to find and fix them.

Remoter plugin was introduced. Now only BitTorrent supports remote administration interfaces, and Remoter supports only basic job viewing. After a couple of releases it would be able to remotely add, delete or modify job's properties.... read more

Posted by Georg Rudoy 2008-02-17

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