#3 Neither SFML 2.0rc nor SGML-git seems to work


I package the svn version of holyspirit for Arch Linux:
There currently doesn't seem to be a specific branch or tag of SFML that works with holyspirit.

There are some SFML API changes after the 2.0rc release:

Back -> BackSpace

convertCoords -> mapPixelToCoords

You seem to be using the "Back -> BackSpace" change,
but not the "convertCoords -> mapPixelToCoords" change.
I get compile time errors for "BackSpace" when using SFML 2.0rc and compile time errors for "convertCoords" when using SFML-git (currently: ef78b6d0f3981bc9b184512d43c66ec6714a6b6a)

So please state what exact version of SGML 2.0 you use (git master branch, release candidates, ?)
Just stating SGML 2.0 is not enough, since 2.0 is not released yet.

One of these compile problems is then a bug (I will report) then and the other is a packaging error on my end.


  • Johannes Dewender

    For reference, the error messages are:

    /tmp/yaourt-tmp-nognir/aur-holyspirit-svn/src/holyspirit-build/Source/Contextes/c_jeu.cpp: In function ‘int GestionBoutons(Jeu*, bool, bool, bool)’:
    /tmp/yaourt-tmp-nognir/aur-holyspirit-svn/src/holyspirit-build/Source/Contextes/c_jeu.cpp:588:39: error: ‘BackSpace’ is not a member of ‘sf::Keyboard’
    /tmp/yaourt-tmp-nognir/aur-holyspirit-svn/src/holyspirit-build/Source/Contextes/c_jeu.cpp:591:37: error: ‘BackSpace’ is not a member of ‘sf::Keyboard’


    /var/abs/local/_src/holyspirit-svn/src/holyspirit-build/Source/Moteurs/moteurGraphique.cpp: In member function 'sf::Vector2f MoteurGraphique::getPositionSouris()':
    /var/abs/local/_src/holyspirit-svn/src/holyspirit-build/Source/Moteurs/moteurGraphique.cpp:1054:20: error: 'class sf::RenderWindow' has no member named 'convertCoords'

  • Johannes Dewender

    • priority: 5 --> 7
  • Johannes Dewender

    What I forgot to say:
    I also found the SFML in the "3dparty" folder of the repository. That one is probably 2.0rc1, but also doesn't work because "BackSpace" Key is not found.


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