#5 CFontz driver fails on OpenBSD

Kevin Kadow

Using a CrystalFontz model 634 serial-attached display
under OpenBSD/i386, the display is initialized but no
output appears.

There are two issues to be addressed -- changes to how
the device is opened and ioctls used, and also
HAVE_CFMAKERAW must not be defined for
CrystalFontz serial LCD to function under OpenBSD/i386.

The attached patch address the open() and ioctl() calls,
and (less elegantly) forcibly undef's
HAVE_CFMAKERAW. It'd be more appropriate to adjust
configure to not define it initially?

Kevin Kadow


  • Kevin Kadow

    Kevin Kadow - 2005-02-15

    Patch for lcdproc-0.4.*/server/drivers/CFontz.c

  • Peter Marschall

    Peter Marschall - 2006-10-14

    Logged In: YES

    LCDproc v0.4.x is out of maintenance.
    Please try with LCdproc v.0.5.x and re-open the bug if the
    problem persists.
    Of course, patches are welcome on the LCDproc mailing
    list ;-)

  • Peter Marschall

    Peter Marschall - 2006-10-14
    • status: open --> closed

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