#8 Watchdog timer patch for Crystalfontz Packet LCDs


I've written a patch that we're using on our Linux servers to use the watchdog timer on the CF-633 displays (it also works on the 635 and 631).

This patch adds a configuration option to the CFontzPacket driver called "Watchdog" which is a value, 0-255 seconds, that represents how long until the watchdog will timeout. For those modules configured for ATX power switch use, they will reset the host system if the watchdog isn't reset or disabled before the timeout.


  • Markus Dolze

    Markus Dolze - 2009-03-23

    The driver directly calls a server core function (driver_alt_heartbeat). This should not happen. To implement it in a proper way, an API change is necessary so the heartbeat function does have a return value. The core could then do the default action.

    That API change could be done with the next version of the API, but there is no timeline for this.

  • Markus Dolze

    Markus Dolze - 2009-03-23
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