The Lazarus Code and Component Repository is open!

The Lazarus Code and Component Repository (Lazarus-CCR) project has officially begun! The Lazarus IDE is a stable and feature rich graphical programming environment for the Object Pascal language. It currently runs on Linux, FreeBSD and Win32 and provides a tabbed source and visual form editor, a package manager, debugger and complete GUI integration with the FreePascal Compiler.

The primary purpose of the Lazarus-CCR project is to adapt the large amount of existing, freely available Object Pascal code for use with Lazarus and the FreePascal compiler. Helping new users to get started and succeed with their Lazarus conversion projects is an additional project goal.

A Wiki Knowledgebase is available on the site that contains all the documentation that is currently available for Lazarus. All new and experienced developers with an interest the project are welcome to participate!

Posted by Tom Lisjac 2003-09-27

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