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Major Updates..

There are major updates in the works for the system. Much of the system will be refactored in the next update, mostly around file handling and check-in. Updates include validation for files checked-in, translation between defined formats, automated "fix-up" areas, and possible automated cron type jobs. The "fix-up" area are essentially recursive workareas where files can be checked-out and checked-in many times in one area until they are deemed complete or fixed. The validation and translation will utilize dynamic class loading so that new validators and translators can be uploaded to the system through the interface.... read more

Posted by Eric D. Pancoast 2004-06-11

Open Source-ing LAW

Aight! The project was accepted into The code needs some cleanup work done, then it's off to the CVS.

Posted by Eric D. Pancoast 2004-03-15