#2 Build fails with freetype 2.5.1


libLASi 1.1.1 fails to build with freetype 2.5.1.


From the freetype 2.5.1 CHANGES file:

    - The header  file layout  has been changed.   After installation,
      all files are now located in `<prefix>/include/freetype2'.

      Applications  that  use   (a)  `freetype-config'  or  FreeType's
      `pkg-config' file to get the include directory for the compiler,
      and (b) the documented way for header inclusion like

        #include <ft2build.h>
        #include FT_FREETYPE_H

      don't need any change to the source code.

So it seems libLASi isn't doing that.


  • Michael Shigorin

    Thanks, applied to ALT Linux package (instead of My Own Patch).

  • Juhani Numminen

    Juhani Numminen - 2014-01-07

    I created a patch to fix this issue for Debian but it seems I could have used the MacPorts patch as well (if I just had searched for a solution before creating my own one :D), the patches are pretty much the same.


  • Orion Poplawski

    Orion Poplawski - 2014-01-25

    Alan - can we get this address please? Thanks.

  • Alan W. Irwin

    Alan W. Irwin - 2014-01-28

    Now is not a good time for me (I plan to get a PLplot release out the door this weekend), but I will take a look next week and probably
    release a new version of liblasi then with the above patch.

  • Alan W. Irwin

    Alan W. Irwin - 2014-04-27

    Fixed for the svn trunk version revision 182. The MacPorts patch above is not quite complete. I made changes instead based on a complete search in the source code for "#include" and "freetype" on the same line; a signal that the non-standard method was being used for the #include and needed an update to the standard method.

    This fix has been tested on Linux with FreeType 2.4.9 (which shows the fix does not disrupt the good results we had before with the old libLASi code). Tests on all platforms with FreeType-2.5.1 or higher are requested prior to the planned release of libLASi-1.1.2 late tomorrow (Monday).

  • Alan W. Irwin

    Alan W. Irwin - 2014-04-27
    • status: open --> pending
  • Michael Shigorin

    Thank you! Could you please attach the patch?

  • Ryan Schmidt

    Ryan Schmidt - 2014-04-28

    This is what he committed:


    I'm not sure what one needs to do to get SourceForge to just show that as a plain text diff, but you can get it on the command line by typing:

    svn di -c 182 svn://svn.code.sf.net/p/lasi/code/trunk
  • Michael Shigorin

    Thanks, builds fine against 2.5.3 with this one applied instead of your patch.

  • Alan W. Irwin

    Alan W. Irwin - 2014-04-28

    I have a report from Orion, that the build now works fine with FreeType 2.5.1. Therefore, I am closing this bug.

  • Alan W. Irwin

    Alan W. Irwin - 2014-04-28
    • status: pending --> closed-fixed
    • assigned_to: Alan W. Irwin

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