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Posted by olivier gaeumann 2011-02-05

LAoE 0.7.06 released!

this is mainly a bug fix release. the previous version (0.7.05) had too serious bugs concerning the user interface. in addition, the shortkeys have been revisited. LAoE works on OpenJDK.

Posted by olivier gaeumann 2011-01-23

LAoE 0.7.05

this is a major visual 'face lifting' release. the default UI theme is dark, the samples bright, for better energy visualization. installation is now easier, launch script is simpliy clickable in the explorer now. long duration tasks run in background, they are cancellable now!

many bugfixes and quality improvements have been performed.

Posted by olivier gaeumann 2011-01-09

LAoE 0.7.04 released!

this is a bugfix release: spetrogram editing regress has been fixed, quality enhanced.

(this is the release used for the two first LAoE tutorial movies in youtube)

Posted by olivier gaeumann 2010-12-12

LAoE 0.7.03 released

this is a big release! supports unlimited clip size now (even beyond RAM size!!!), more effective mp3 loading, better mp3 (including VBR) and ogg vorbis support, better recording support (for the first time it is really usable, 8/16bit, mono/stereo, auto-growable), customizable main frame, more beautiful clip plotting, many plugins support wide-mode (work on multiple channel), spectrogram improvements (free shape selections, runtime optimized and cache-based plotter, orthogonal filters), runtime mixing of layers (instead of precalculating when start playing or saving), better quality zero-cross, introduce paste-mix, better marker support, better graphic doc support...... read more

Posted by olivier gaeumann 2010-11-27

LAoE 0.7.02 released!

generally better and more responsive user interface, updating all plugins windows immediately now. more informations shown, status bar, purpose of control/shift keys. better unit support, better user experience when working with fullscreen clips, mouse wheel support, better color settings...

big improvements in memory management of the audio samples, the audio clips auto-grow when needed. better undo history support. more playback features, winding and scratch play with cursor. and of course many bugfixes and other small improvements!

Posted by olivier gaeumann 2010-09-10

LAoE subversioned!

ok, it's done! LAoE source is in subversion now!!! it is now easy to build with Ant. the mysterious j-oli4 lib LAoE is depending on, is also included now, waiting for a better integration in future.

a version step to 0.7.xx has been performed, to herald the resurrection...

Posted by olivier gaeumann 2010-08-17

resurrection ?

after a not so short brake :-) i have started working on rerailing LAoE, particularly performing cleanup work and make it buildable again. then the goal is to increase the user experience by improving the user interface.

i don't want to promize now putting LAoE to subversion here, but this would be reasonable at longer term. wait and see!

Posted by olivier gaeumann 2010-08-13

CVS usage

LAoE source will be moved to the CVS repository in the next days.

i will continue to develop LAoE using the IDE eclipse, which is a nice tool, let's say the best free tool i've ever worked with.


Posted by olivier gaeumann 2003-02-17

LAoE is now under GPL

Layer-based Audio Editor (LAoE) is now under GPL license. the project has been moved to, with the main hope that LAoE won't be exclusively dependent of myself.

LAoE is a software project written in java, running on jdk/jre 1.4.0 or higher. the first
platform of choice is linux, but it also works on window$. it contains hundreds of classes,
several packages, ten-thousands of lines of code. the design is object-oriented, it consists
of a small core and many plugins, mostly each function or frame is a plugin.... read more

Posted by olivier gaeumann 2003-02-12


LAoE will be GPL'ed soon. it is a question of days or weeks.

Posted by olivier gaeumann 2003-02-10

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