#3 Some useful features and fixes for inconsistencies

Interface (2)

Current inconsistencies that should be addressed:

* Lookup is case sensitive for server names but case insensitive for setting names
-> make both case insensitive (backwards compatible)

* Connect notifications send (ws) message, while disconnect notifications send w.
-> make both (ws), but keep backwards compatible (see later)

New features:

* Sign up for notifications using (wb) instead of w or "". This allows signup with multiple message IDs. Keep old way of signing up for backwards compatibility, but mark as deprecated. Implement new way with inconsistency from above removed.

* Add "data to string" and "string to data" settings that work somewhat like pretty print, but generate unambiguous text representations.

* Add named messages to allow for broadcasts

* Add registry functionality to provide centralized configuration storage


  • Markus Ansmann

    Markus Ansmann - 2008-08-06

    Logged In: YES
    Originator: YES

    Features implemented as of v1.1.0.

  • Markus Ansmann

    Markus Ansmann - 2008-08-06
    • status: open --> closed

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