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Proyect code is now avaible via sourceforge CVS system

I've upload the source code of this project to de CVS sourceforge's server. There are three versions due to some mistakes while i was learning how to use sf cvs and which will be soon fixed.

Posted by kiko 2007-03-04

KVGLinInstaller deb binary for amd64 released

I've packaged a debian-amd64 binary deb file with testing purposes of the pre-beta release. With this and documentation in sf.net project homepage you'll be able to make kvglininstaller and your installation scripts work together to commit a *x system installation :-)

Posted by kiko 2007-02-25

KVGLinInstaller pre beta 0.4 released

This is a full functionally pre beta release. There is a lot of work to do to make the installation easiear to final users but most of the way is done. I hope you'll find it usefull. I will soon upload a demo linux installation ;-)

Posted by kiko 2007-02-24

KVGLinInstaller beta2 prototype released

After a long time without any new release, i've developed a new prototype adapting KVGLinInstaller to debian installer directives. Now most of work must be done by scripting, kvglininstaller will work only as a gtk graphicall interface that can be adapted with glade2 interface designer and anjuta ide. It is not 100% operative but it is near a final version.
After the core is done i'll work in testing of software. It is tested but for economical reasons i cant test it on a lot of types of pcs. It works on debian amd64 and on debian i386 with a amd socket 939 64bytes and in a amdk7 athlon 32bytes.
I hope you'll like this prototype. please post comments on sf.net project website forum

Posted by kiko 2007-02-05

Project is alive

After this period of inactivity, i've returned to work in this project. I hope people who is downloading the beta version, can email me their oppinions of the project via email or in an open forum of the project. Now I'm working in the partitioning tool, i hope there will soon be an available version with partitioning disk option to test. I will work in the website too to provide a way to communicate with people who is testing the software. Thanks for your effort.

Posted by kiko 2006-08-07

Compiled package for beta testing released

There is a new release avaible for download. It contains install and uninstall basic scripts, the compiled source, and some pixmaps and a configuration file. To install it you only have to run install script, and uninstall to purge this software from your pc. To test the installation of tar packages, edit the install script, look where listapaquetes.config is placed by it, and edit it to find some .tar files on your computer. They will be decompressed to /mnt/KVGLinInstaller dir, which will be created at runtime if it doesnt exist. You must be root to try all this, you can also download the source code tarball for this release, but you must adapt code as the release i've posted is not operative yet.
It is compiled to i386 machines under Debian SID GNU Linux.

Posted by kiko 2006-06-10

Bugs in the beta testing release

There are lots of bugs detected in the beta testing source code package, but as it is released for testing purposes, i've removed any kind of code that could be dangerous for systems. I'll change this release for other with some bugs solved, with the same purpose. Please email me any question, advice, or commentary about this project.

Posted by kiko 2006-06-08

Source release package released for testing purposes

I've posted a prototype release on sf.net to start with partitioning testings while continuing the development of this software. But there are some features that works, like storage devices detection, partition detection and partition information retrive. It has a lot of bugs, please comment any advice, bug or comment into kvglininstaller sf.net forums

Posted by kiko 2006-06-01

KVGLinInstaller project begins

This project has just begin. Actually, I'm working in the development of the application. I hope i'll soon finish a simple but stable first version to start with testings. I'll submit documentation to the site too.

Posted by kiko 2006-05-16

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