#9 compiling C code with new sdcc doesn't work

Zoltan P

Steps to reproduce: write any C program for a pic and select: convert to hex (example attached). You will se errors about undefined symbols.


  • Zoltan P

    Zoltan P - 2008-09-17

    test case

  • Zoltan P

    Zoltan P - 2008-09-17

    Proposed solution: Add a new option to ktechlab configuration -> sdcc -> [ ] "Dont' call gplink explicitly (use with new sdcc)".

    Technical part:
    Add a new KTLConfig option SDCC_new_compile (or something like this); modify SDCC::processInput() such that if the new option is set, call sdcc with different parameters (like: "sdcc -m$(PICTYPE) -p$(PICMODEL) $(INPUTFILE) -o $(OUTPUTFILE)" )

  • Zoltan P

    Zoltan P - 2008-09-21

    Some news: when using a project, right click the source file, select linker options, "link libraries outside the project", add the necessary libs, click ok. Then right click the source, select "build", and the source fill compile correctly.
    But the convert to options still won't work.


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