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PyDirDuplicateFinder 0.3.0: Debian/Ubuntu package available

The new release of PyDirDuplicateFinder and the new duplicatefinder script lead the project to a production environment.
To simplify the installation procedure for desktop-end-users we are happy to announce that you can also download the Debian/Ubuntu package.

Posted by Luca Fabbri 2009-08-16

Released PyDirDuplicateFinder 0.3!

Mush more feature, now tested, more helpful! With this release I really point to reach a future module that can be useful managing your filesystem!
Next step will be to release this as a Debian package!

For now see:

Posted by Luca Fabbri 2009-08-15

KTextSurfaceWriter 0.1.0

The first release of KTextSurfaceWriter is out. This library will help pygame developer managing strings, and the process of blitting them on surfaces.

Posted by Luca Fabbri 2009-01-03

KezMenu released on the Cheeseshop

The PyGame module KezMenu is now available!

Posted by Luca Fabbri 2008-12-29

Source of PyDirDuplicateFinder released

The final user tool PyDirDuplicateFinder, already released on pypi ( is now available.

Posted by Luca Fabbri 2008-12-28